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Dead Sea Mud Mask

Dead Sea Mud Mask

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Easy to apply, strong absorption, can effectively remove blackheads, excess oil, and clean the skin of dirt and aging skin. Helps to reduce and prevent skin problems, leaving skin fresh and delicate.

Main Ingredients:

Deionized water, Deep sea mud, bamboo charcoal powder, collagen, rose essence extract, milk extract, polyvinyl alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol, PEG40-hydrogenated castor oil, and methylparaben.

How to use the peel-off mask?

1. Before using the peel-off mask, you need to perform a simple cleansing, first wet your face, squeeze the cleanser into the palm of your hand to make bubbles, massage in circular motions on your face, and rinse with water after 1 minute.

2. Pay attention to the dosage of the mask. When applying the peel-off mask, avoid the eyes and lips.

3. Tear off the mask and clean your face with warm water. It is recommended to tear off the mask from the bottom up first.

4. After tearing off the mask, the skin is in a relatively sensitive state at this time, you can apply a moisturizing mask.



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