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Airtight Storage Jar

Airtight Storage Jar

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Vacuum Sealed Jar Moisture-proof Airtight Container

  • Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh: Our airtight glass storage jars designed with a silicone sealing ring and plastic lid are perfect for storing any type of coffee bean or ground coffee, ensuring the perfect cup every time. The jars feature a wide mouth design for easy access and come with a free coffee scoop that attaches to the hook.
  • Elegant Design for Any Kitchen: Add a Touch of Sophistication to your kitchen with our versatile and multi-purpose glass storage jars. With a solid capacity of 60 ounces and a fluid/powder maximum capacity of approximately 1800ML, they're perfect for storing tea leaves, spices, biscuits, jams, chutneys, rice, sugar, flour, and more!
  • Easy to Use and Care For: Our glass storage jars are dishwasher safe for added convenience and feature a wide mouth design that makes it effortless to take things out and put items in. Simply press the big button until fixed, and the glass jar will be under airtight, keeping your food fresh for longer. Use them as makeup brush holders, cotton swab containers, small clips storage, tableware organization, or even as vases!
  • Perfect for Coffee Lovers: Keep Your Coffee Bar Organized with our airtight coffee canisters designed with a silicone sealing ring to maintain freshness. They come with a plastic lid and can hold up to 60 ounces of coffee beans or ground coffee. The jars are perfect for coffee shops or home coffee bars.
  • The Eco-Friendly Solution: Looking for an alternative to plastic food storage? Our glass containers with plastic lids are the perfect solution! They're airtight and great for storing sugar, flour, tea, spices, and even cookies! They're also great for storing used coffee grounds.


All products are guaranteed to be free of both Bisphenol a BPA and Bisphenol's BPS 


Our durable gear is made to stand the test  of time backed by a life time guarantee


Reusable by nature which means fewer disposable cups going into landfills.

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